Welcoming 2020

2020 is finally here! I am not crazy when it comes to new years but something about a new decade always excites me a little, and now were ringing in the 20’s - lets bringing in the flapper dancers, the crazy parties, and let Gatsby come by! (no prohibition is needed for this round of the roaring 20’s). I know not everyone is crazy about making resolutions and I am one of those people as well but something about this new decade is truly inspiring me to want to set goals for myself and accomplish them.

2019 was a pretty good year for me, I had accomplished a lot and truly pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I feel as if the year went by in 15 minutes and I loved every second of it! I did have my lows from time to time, but my highs were so high that they outweighed them.

Got a new job - After working in retail since I was in college and having my focus being in store Visual Merchandising, I had decided that I needed something different and more stable for my lifestyle. I didn’t want to spend anymore time working retail (there’s nothing wrong with it, just wasn’t for me anymore). I was always exhausted and in a bad mood and I felt like I just didn't have time for myself anymore even though I was getting out of work at 3:00 in the afternoon most days. I started a job working in an office and I absolutely love it and am so thankful for my experience thus far!

Traveled - I usually travel once a year on vacation with my parents, but in 2019 I traveled to some domestic places by myself. I went to Florida to visit my aunt and my grandmother who live out there, I ended up in Los Angeles for work (what was supposed to be a two week trip turned out to be a month long adventure). I also went to Nashville for a weekend for work where I had the time of my life, and I ended up back in the west coast in San Diego to be there for Wally’s discharge from the military. 2019 was a year of endless exploration for me!

Rekindled Old Friendships - One thing that I truly pride myself in is being a good friend. For me my friends are truly my family and I am always willing to go above and beyond for them. Throughout the decade I was growing and like most people I lost some friends along the way. Many of them I did not regret no longer having a friendship with them anymore, but there was a select few where I would think back to myself and wonder what went wrong? Now as a Leo (for my astrology followers) I am extremely prideful, it takes a lot out of me pushing my pride aside even if its for a simple hello with an old friend that I had cut ties with irrationally. Don't get me wrong, it was painful but I can say it was worth it.

Moved out - I moved out of my parents house and moved into my own place in Queens with my boyfriend Wally. For anyone who thinks its easy to find an apartment please don’t be fooled, it is a long tedious process and can get hectic and stressful. I would have to go to work and run around after work looking at 1- 6 apartments. By the end of my process I had seen over 50 apartments in the time span of 3 weeks! Thank God the apartment we live in now just kind of fell into our laps! This personally was one of my biggest challenges this year. After living with my parents for a little over 25 years I was definitely dealing with a lot of separation anxiety especially when I was started staying in the apartment alone in the coming days before Wally's arrival. The apartment also taught me that I enjoy interior decorating, I wouldn’t make it my career but I loved the process of making the apartment into a home!

With what felt like such a successful year in 2019 where I did not really set any type of goal for anything I am compelled on setting goals for 2020 and accomplishing every single one of them! Here’s a little sneak peak of what I have in store for 2020!

Remaining Constant with the Blog - I know time and time again I have said I was going to keep up with my social media outlets and keep up with the blog, but I always get so consumed with everything going on in my life that it ends up on the back burner. This year that is going to change! I have such an incredible support system of a boyfriend who literally pushes and inspires me to go back into makeup and outfits of the day, who cheers me on and can’t wait for me to start spewing out content. I also have incredible friends who support me as well, go and help me with my socials and give me light criticism when needed. The most shocking support system I have is actually my work space, they help me with content creation, allow me to work on their social media’s giving myself the practice I need and buy me books that will help me in so many ways, not many people can say that about their work places besides ones who work in social media marketing.

Putting Myself First - For people who know me personally they know that I have the what they tell me the terrible habit of putting other people before myself. Since I am an only child, many people think I can come off as selfish but I am completely selfless. I constantly put others before myself and it has been draining me for years, so I want to take 2020 to truly put myself first and make myself and my happiness my priority. Anything I care about or want to do will start coming first instead of constantly worrying about if it will make others happy over myself.

Traveling - 2019 gave me a taste of how much I truly enjoy traveling (after the agonous flights) and I want to continue my venture of traveling and seeing where I enjoy traveling to and see where I can go the rest of my life without traveling over there again! I also want to travel a little more for leisure and less for my job. Being able to experience new things is such an incredible experience and I feel that everyone should do so! So get ready to see me become a little more of a jet setter than last year!

Rekindling Old Passions - Besides being obsessed with makeup and fashion through the years of being in college and working I had lost some of my bigger passions such as painting, drawing, and sculpting. I lost a lot of my passion while producing so much art for school since I was a studio art major and I also lost a lot of inspiration because when living in my parents house I didn’t have a space of my own where I could make my own art, I obviously had a bedroom and everything but my mother did not want me painting anywhere that wasn’t the dining room table and that just wasn’t for me. Now in 2020 I plan on producing a lot more art work as well!

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