Vegans... Should They Practice What They Preach?

The other day I ran a poll on Instagram just being curious about vegans and their affiliation with cruelty-free products. I have always been curious about it because if you have a vegan diet does that necessarily mean your lifestyle products need to be vegan/cruelty-free as well?

I started wondering about this a little earlier in the year when I was at a gathering with some of my girlfriends and one of the girls who was vegan said she did not use strictly cruelty-free products. Right off the bat, I found the pretty strange just because I feel like if you're a vegan you should really use only vegan products. As the year went by it came to my attention that there are tons of vegans that don't use strictly cruelty-free!

So here are the results from the polls I did yesterday:

1. Are you vegan/vegetarian?


So only 13% of my followers who answered the poll yesterday are vegan/vegetarian, and the other 87% are not.

2. Do you use cruelty-free make up?

​​68% of my followers who answered the poll do use cruelty-free makeup, I did not specify whether they strictly use cruelty-free. But to those who answered yes I had a follow-up question of why.

Some said the same thing, they don't feel like its fair for animals to be senselessly tortured and tested on. Which is completely understandable. I personally try my best to lean towards cruelty-free products but I don't always succeed so it is not something that I preach on.

3. Do you believe if someone is vegan or vegetarian that they should ONLY use cruelty-free products?


72% said yes, and as a follow up I asked why. Everyone answers were practically the same "they need to practice what they preach." One person said "Veganism is a lifestyle change. If you say you're vegan you can't just change your diet." This is something I personally agree with wholeheartedly.

I asked one person who I know is vegan who doesn't use cruelty-free products why she chose a vegan diet but not a full-on vegan lifestyle. She had told me it was more about having a cleaner diet, it wasn't about the cruelty against animals that made her make the choice of veganism, but it was her dietary habits that made her change her lifestyle. Do you guys find that to be a valid reason? I know when I heard that I felt iffy on that answer but, I understood. I understand some people just choosing to have it as a dietary change and not a lifestyle change BUT at that point does it really make them vegan? When I asked some of my friends they said a solid no, it isn't just about the diet its a complete lifestyle.

For my friends here who are curious about what brands ARE cruelty-free click the link below! It tells you from A-Z what brands are cruelty-free and where you can find them!

What do you guys think? Do you think being vegan is JUST about a diet or is it a complete LIFESTYLE change?

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