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There are 10 types of style Vintage, Bohemian, Chic, Artsy, Sexy, Casual, Sophisticated, Tomboy, The Rocker, and Preppy. Don't know what category you fall into? Here they are in small summary's on all of them!

Vintage: In my opinion it is one of the more adorable styles and, it a total blast from the past. The vintage look is a culmination of fashion from the roaring 20's all the way up to the funky 70's. It is definitely the trend that overcame the test of time.

Bohemian: The only way I would know how to describe this style is using the word "un-traditional". The bohemian (BoHo for short) style has exotic textures layered with extravagant and wild patterns. It is usually compared to gypsy style and hippie looks as well.

Chic Fashion: Chic style is trendy and fashionable, its all about looking smart and striking. The one's who follow this trend make sure to choose well tailored stylish designs that are also classy. Its casual in a non-casual way.

Artsy: This style invokes the independent creativity of the person. This is usually a person who is ready to go and make a statement with the pieces they wear. They are usually the creator of their own style and they do not follow traditional norms.

Sexy: Its all about flaunting what you got hunny! Its all about the stiletto heel, the tight skirts, and leaving the bare minimum to the imagination. This style isn't every woman cup of tea and it's not meant to be! Its all about being someone's glass of a spicy margarita!

Casual: Casual style is all about the combination of elegance and comfort. This simplistic style is all about the white T-shirt with the skinny black jeans and a pair of vans over uncomfortable exotics anyway! The accessories are just as simplistic as the outfit as well.

Sophisticated: This style is all about being prim, proper, and polished. Its the business woman taken to another level. She's not formal, she's all about the culture and luxury.

Tomboy: The tomboy is one of the boys, they wear the boyfriend blazers, a little more of a baggy jean and have more than enough graphic t-shirts in their closet. There's no frill and lace in this ones closet, they're all about being simple and modern.

The Rocker: Vintage T's, leather jackets and ripped up jeans, thats our rocker chick style. She's the most versatile because she keeps changing depending on the genre of the music, the band, or the person rocking this style.

Preppy: If I had to give preppy a name... her name would be Blair Waldorf. She has the collards shirts with a cute little A-line skirt that are matched with the girliest of blouses accompanied by a little hand band. Its geeky and a bit luxurious.

Now my style? If I had to define it I would say I'm actually four of the above, I am Chic, Casual, Tomboy, and The Rocker. I can be extremely girly or I can go to borrowed from the boys really fast!

Yup, I am Lisa Simpson over here. My style completely depends on my mood and I spend years, and I mean YEARS trying to define my style. I am constantly trying to update my style or to follow all of the latest trends happening at the moment.

I am a firm believer that fashion is only temporary, style is what's going to last us a life time. It will be what can tell our story, our stages of our style can be chapters of our life long novel. Style is what is going to separate you from everyone else. Never be afraid to show your style, if people are staring just stare back. Who are we to judge each other's personal style at the end of the day? When we should be embracing one another's instead!

What does your style say about you? And do you allow your style to really shine? Ask yourself that next time you're picking out your outfit for work or school. Be the most stylish you, you can be! and remember If you die, the outfit you're in... can be your ghost outfit.

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