My Biggest Beauty Tip!

As being someone who is known for my make up and my style there always comes a time where someone asks me whether its a friend or even just a follower on social media asks me what’s my biggest beauty tip, what advice I can give to them to help them with their appearance, and usually i give them the name of a make up product and where they can purchase it. When in full honesty the biggest beauty tip I can give is one that is completely free and you can give yourself.

Loving yourself is the biggest and the most valuable product to have in your make up bag. In this age of worshipping others on social media due to their beauty but we tend to forget to worship and love ourselves. For most of us it is much easier said than done, and we have all struggled with how we look and we have all compared ourselves to other who we think are “prettier than us” and how they are our “goals” we focus on wanting to look like other people rather than just being happy that we look like ourselves and loving ourselves from head to toe.

Even I have fallen into the habit of not loving myself the way I should, and I have found myself comparing myself to other girls rather than just adoring myself and giving myself the boost that I need. So I understand how hard it is sometimes to love yourself.

We should always remember that beauty is not just your appearance but it is also what’s on the inside as well. No make up product is able to cover an awful personality and that is something that we tend forget, and sometimes our personality comes from the lack of loving ourself. There is a time in every persons life where we don’t love ourself as much as we should and that is the saddest love story there is. This issue lasts longer for some than for others but as long as we love ourselves no one can tell you differently. We all need to hit rock bottom before we can climb our way to the top!

There were moment that I didn’t even love myself just because of other peoples opinions and that almost lead me to a road of self destruction and that is a road no one should go down. It turned me into a negative person with a terrible personality and made me feel worse about myself down the line. It took me years for me to be able to honestly say that I loved myself and I fell in love with the person I was and the person I was becoming. These things never happen over night but they do happen!

Some easy things to do! ( I used to do this when I woke up while getting ready) 1) Name 5 things you love about yourself 2) 1 goal you want to achieve on this day 3) 1 thing you want to work on about yourself ( could be anything from an attitude to how you say hello to people in the morning!)

Just three little things that you can do while getting ready and I feel like these three things used to get me through my day. Me being an organization freak I would write my goal and what I want to work on in my planner on the calendar so I could even look back at it and see if I achieved my goal or worked on what I wanted to work on about myself!

If you truly believe that you’re beautiful than no one can tell you other wise, we always have to remember that beauty is honestly in the eye of the beholder. Apples can be the most desirable fruit BUT there will always be someone who does not like apples! That is a reality that we all must accept.

Love You Guys!!!!



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