All About Me!

As apart of 2018 I told you guys I would start being more open with you, and I would post more on my blog and I do not plan to disappoint you guys. I honestly felt that an all about me would be a really great way to start this, although it is 22 days into the new year... but better late than never, am I right?

So I guess Ill start with who I am.. my name is Jasmine Marie Nuñez, and I am 23 years old turning 24 this year on August 10th. I'm not into zodiacs and horoscopes but I am a Leo and I have been told that I am true to my sign. I do not go to school anymore I actually finished school at Queens College in December of 2016 and I walked in May of 2017, and when I was in school I majored in studio arts. So with that being said I am a huge lover of the arts although I don't publicize it the way I used, I do have a huge passion when it comes to art even if I do not really do work in my specific field.

A lot of people think I'm white but I am 100% hispanic, I am Puerto Rican and Peruvian. I know it is a shock but it is true. I am 75% Puerto Rican and 25% Peruvian because, my mother is half and half and my father is 100% Puerto Rican.

I get asked often what do I do for work because I am always posting pictures of mannequins and what not, so I am a Visual Commercial Manager at Zara. I take a lot of pride in my job and in what I do, and for those who don't know what I do, to put it in simple terms I make my store look nice based on trends, sales, and new product that comes in. I always get asked after I tell people what exactly I do "why visual merchandising?" I always get stumped when I ask that question but, its actually kind of simple when you think about it. I love fashion, I love trends, and I love an amazing shopping experience. I may not deal directly with customers with what I do but I have quite the impact on their shopping experience. From the window displays that draw the eye and make people want to come in, to the product thats is displayed in a way that makes you need to grab it in an instance. For me that's rewarding, knowing I helped someone find an outfit they love or anything like that really means a lot to me... but that's just me.

I'm really into fashion and my appearance, and I have always been that way since I was young since my mom always made it a priority for me to always be dressed nice, even my 4th grade teacher used to call me "Ms. Fancy Shmancy" although I went through a major tomboy phase growing up being in high school and I didn't start really dressing girly again until I was going into college. I feel like I'm always trying to make little updates to my style whether its my hair if I want to change the color or chop it, how I do my make up, to changing the clothing I buy. Its great because my boyfriend can never say that we should see different people because I can do the switch up real quick.

When it comes to my style I want to start getting better with my postings of my hair, my make up, and my outfits of the day so I really hope you guys bare with me in this process of fixing my social media accounts! I am all down for the feedback, to see what you guys want to see, because what am I really with out you guys when it comes to my social media? Not much thats for sure.

I know I wear a lot of black but my favorite color is actually red, it has always been since I was young and it was actually the first shade of lipstick I bought. That first shade of lipstick is what really actually made me get into make up, because I used to just wear the basics to cover the zits I would get in high school and I would just purchase NYC brand because it was the cheapest because I didn't know how that it was important to actually invest in what you put on your face. My mother actually bought me my first lipstick and it was actually a liquid lipstick by stila cosmetics in the shade Fuego I believe, after that moment is when I started really getting into the make up game. After that I always wanted to be selfie ready!

I hope this little all about me allowed you guys to feel a little bit closer to me, and I hope that you guys feel free to let me know what you want from me next!

I love you guys



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