How I Got My Hair Healthy Again!

For the past 5 years I have been constantly changing up my style and with those kind of changes we tend to change how we style our hair as well, from what color we dye it, do we want to chop it or keep it long, do I want to curl it, straighten it, OR just keep it natural, how we do our nails, and new products we put on our skin. BUT this post is about hair, and how I got it healthy again.

I put my hair through a lot through out the years...

From my DIY ombre in 2014:

To deciding to go stawberry blonde in summer 2014:

To chopping my long locks and getting an ombre done (Professionally) in 2015:

To deciding to go platinum blonde... in summer of 2015:

To dying my hair BACK to dark brown by the end of summer 2015:

And then by the end of 2016 finally going back to a blonde:

My hair has been through a lot through all this processing, and luckily for me I have finally decided to go out of my way to take care of my hair. I put myself through a lot of major changes from what I intake, to the shampoo I use, all the way to how I style my hair. Having strong healthy hair isn't easy but I believe it is worth it.

One thing I have sweated by for years is Nature Bounty's "Hair Skin & Nails" Softgel tablets. These are rapid release softgels that are argan oil infused, they have antioxidants, Vitimans A, C & E, and Hyaluronic Acids. Which contains the right balance and nutrients to help us have beautiful hair, clear skin, and strong nails. I take 3 a day and it is suggested to take them with a meal so around breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thats it! Very easy and simple, its something that you have to put in your routine but I swear by this, and I have for years.

Another thing I did was STOP CONSTANTLY PUTTING HEAT TO MY HAIR, it is one of the worst things you can do to your hair, it causes breakage and split/dry ends ( which makes you have to go get a hair cut more often because it doesn't look cute). Not flat ironing my hair often was probably one of the hardest things for me but its something I got through, I would constantly just have my hair slicked back in a bun (not too tight of one because that causes breakage too) which made my hair routine a lot quicker to be honest, which is something I didn't mind because that means more time to sleep before work :)!

Something I had to cut back on was how much I washed my hair, its actually no good to wash your hair often, its good to let your hair be a little oily. I now only wash my hair 2 times a week MAX, where I used to wash it 3/4 times a week. I do not use a specific shampoo or conditioner to help my hair grow because I use products to help my blonde continue to stay a bright vibrant blonde.I also now get my hair trimmed once every two months, to get rid of any split ends, dry ends or breakage, this is a huge help in my hair growing and it looking voluminous and healthy.

Once, every two weeks I put my hair in a coconut oil hair mask to allow my hair to look more hydrated, and to help it grow. I basically put a generous amount of real Vita Cocoa coconut oil all over my hair, really scrub it in my scalp and on my ends and I leave it in over night, and wash it out in the morning. Simple, easy, and hydrating. ( Your hair will thank you, I promise)

I dont do much with my hair, but as I like to say ... A little goes a long way! And everything I have done with my hair has now allowed me to become my own hair goals, so no matter where I end up in my hair journey, I know my hair will always remain healthy, long, and beautiful!

My hair to September 2017...

I hope this helped you guys! Until next time!

-- Jspeaksss

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